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Enzymatic Rain Skin Cleanser and Odor Eliminator
Enzymatic Rain Skin Cleanser and Odor Eliminator
Item #: INDTM9993
Suggested Retail: $40.00
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Product Reviews
Enzymatic Rain TM A wonderful odor counteractant that can be used to: Rainfresh TM Enzymatic Rain TM Rainfresh TM Rainfresh TM is a concentrated, clean-scented product that will eliminate biological odors from the air quickly and efficiently. It works GREAT! In most situations, ONE SPRAY is all that is needed. On our instructions, we state "spray once into air towards odor source. Repeat if necessary". stop necrotic/cancerous wound odor stop incontinence odor stop "odors on the body" clean perineal skin de-fat skin around a stoma deodorize and clean an ostomy pouch stop odor on underpads, dressings, fabrics AND eliminate airborne odors